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Vaccination for Cats and Kittens

The vaccination of cats and kittens is a crucial step in preventive veterinary medicine. Vaccines help our feline companions develop their immune system, providing their bodies with what they need to fight the various diseases they may catch.

My cat never goes outside. Are vaccines really necessary?

It is important to vaccinate all cats and kittens, whether they go outside or not. If your cat does go outside, your veterinarian may recommend additional vaccines, since outdoor cats are exposed to more diseases. In all cases, however, domestic cats all receive the same series of “core” vaccines.

Which vaccines does my cat need?

The core vaccine given to all kittens is called the PRC vaccine. It protects cats against three diseases: feline Panleukopenia, feline infectious rhinotracheitis and calicivirus. In addition to the core vaccine, your kitten could be given vaccines against rabies and feline leukemia. Speak with your veterinarian for vaccine recommendations based on your cat’s lifestyle and habits.

What is the vaccination schedule for cats and kittens?

The core vaccine is administered in three doses: the first at approximately 8 weeks and the next two at intervals of 4 weeks thereafter.

Boosters for the other vaccines are generally administered on an annual basis.


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