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Microchipping is the safest way to confirm your pet’s identity. It’s a permanent, reliable solution to identify cats and dogs if they run away.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny capsule (no bigger than a grain of rice) that contains a chip with the contact information of pet owners. The chip is inserted beneath the skin with a needle.

Is the microchip dangerous for my pet?

Microchips are safe for pets. They are sterile and made with non-toxic material. Your pet may experience very mild pain during the insertion process, but it will quickly go away. Your pet will not feel the microchip once it has been inserted.

How do microchips work?

Microchips are similar to collars and tags: they are a way of identifying pets if they run away or get lost. Unlike tags and collars, however, a microchip is permanent. This makes it a more reliable solutions, since collars and tags can easily be broken or removed.

Veterinary hospitals and clinics have microchip scanners. When lost animals are brought to a veterinary office, they are scanned right away to quickly access information about their owners and let them know their companion has been found.


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