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Behavioural Advice

Being a pet owner is not always all fun and games. When we welcome a furry companion into our lives, we are taking on a tremendous responsibility and potential issues, including behavioural problems. To make your experience as a pet owner as pleasant as possible, you can meet with our veterinary team for advice on eliminating or at least reducing unwanted behaviour in your cat or dog.

What are the signs of behavioural problems in pets?

In addition to not listening well or at all to commands, other common behavioural problems in cats and dogs include aggression, anxiety and destructiveness.

How do behavioural problems show up?

Here are situations where problem behaviour in a pet can be observed:

  • The following actions could indicate aggression: growling, barking, biting, scratching
  • The following behaviours could be evidence of anxiety: hiding, excessive grooming, panting
  • Destructiveness can include the following actions: chewing on furniture, excessive urination, inappropriate urination (in a bed, outside the litter box, etc.)

    What should I do if my pet has behavioural problems?

    If you need advice on your pet’s behaviour, just call us! Our veterinary team has the expertise to guide you as you help your pet solve their behavioural issues. We can discuss the behavioural problems your cat or dog is having and come up with a personalized intervention plan.

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